Welcome 2017

Welcome 2017

Heather and I would like to thank everyone for a good 2016.  It was a year of change and growth for the club.  We went through a change of ownership and a location change.  We would like to thank all of the members and the instructors (who volunteer their time to teach) that have helped us with the transition and the move.  We could not have done it without YOU!

Over the past year we saw some great improvement in our students with their abilities and some new colours around their waist.  We also have a New Black Belt in our Dojo.  Please congratulate David LaDouceur on his hard work.

We are now looking towards 2017.  We are going to be using this coming year as a major building year for the club.  We are going to be focusing on bringing in new members and showing them what we are all about, the benefits of Jiu-Jitsu and our club.  Some of the ways that we are going to be working on this are changing the trial period from 1 class to a full two weeks of free classes.  We are also going to be introducing a New Member starter package that will offer new members the opportunity to participate in 6 weeks of classes for a reduced fee.  You will probably see a lot more social media activity this year as well.  BUT the best advertising for the club that we can get is from our current members.  So wear your club Hoodie, T-Shirt or winter hat with pride.  When you take pictures/videos of your kids at the club and post them on your social media feed please add the hashtag #kwjiujitsu to your post.  We also ask that you “share” our posts on your social media feeds and let everyone know how much you and/or your kids love our club.  We regularly use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  With any business ONE of our focuses is on attracting NEW members BUT without our current members we would not survive.  So we want to make sure that you are being taken care of as well.  in 2017 we are going to be offering more Seminars / Tournaments / Skills competitions and some other COOL stuff that we have been brain storming about.  Our continuous goal is to make the Dojo a family oriented place to learn and feel comfortable in.  Our hope/goal is that everyone will feel comfortable with their skills and abilities that they have and that the Dojo is a place to improve ourselves and help others improve themselves in a positive, encouraging environment.  Jiu-Jitsu is for EVERYONE!!  Please let your friends, co-workers and family members know about the 2 week trial period and the New Member Starter Package

Over the past month or so I have been updating our website.  Please take a look at our New Member Page, even if you have been with us for awhile to become familiar with some of the club expectations.  I will be continuing to improve and finish off the pages that are not updated yet.

Winter classes:  As we get into the thick of winter there may be times when it is unsafe for our instructors and students to travel on the roads.  In these situations that we end up cancelling the classes we will be posting the notifications on all of our social media feeds, on our website and through email.  Please continue to watch for these updates.

Over 2017 you will also see some improvements to the physical club as well.  We are planning on finishing off the renovations that we made when we moved in.  Please be patient with us, this is a part time business and ALL of us who work at the club do so on a volunteer basis.  We all love the club and the art.

We are looking forward to an AWESOME 2017 year of training.

Mike / Heather

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